Getting Beta versions

Search 'Alkitab' or 'Quick Bible' in your device's Play Store app, and choose the Yuku version. Scroll down to the bottom and you should see "Become a beta tester" section. Click "I'm in" and after a few minutes you should be able to update the app to the Beta version.

Please join the bibleforandroid Google Group for discussions!

Latest and Planned Changes


New: Data transfer to export and import data offline

New: Copy selected verses from the marker list

Fix for links on verse dialogs preventing jumping to the verse

Support for slanted quotes for searching

Support for verse links and URLs on footnote contents

4.7.1 (2020-08-20)

Fix for jump back/forward buttons overlapping with bottom toolbar

Removed limit of 30 pericopes per chapter

Removed message that asks users to install fonts for ta/te/my/el languages

Removed checking of external storage state

Updated translations

4.7.0 (2020-07-18)

A new button to jump back to a previously viewed verse, and another to jump forward.

A tutorial to hold the verse reference button to open the history of opened verses.

Fixed bug in Android 8 and earlier where the text display became messy when changing the Bible text size.

Support italics on cross reference title.

4.6.4 (2020-02-18)

Bug fixes:

- Crash when loading songs and sharing verses

- Height of verses did not follow text size on Android 4.x

4.6.3 (2020-01-30)

Bug fixes:

- Error downloading Bible translations and songs on Android 4.x (need Google Play Services)

- Crash on verse dialog, devotion reminder, and verse selector

4.6.2 (2020-01-23)

Bug fixes:

- Crash opening songs on Android 5.1

- Could not change app language

- Error -38 at the end of a song

4.6.1 (2020-01-07)

Book selection screen is shown more clearly.

Songs can be played quicker.

Verses are shown faster.

Bible translations and songs can be downloaded on Android 4.x.

New app icon on Android 8+.

4.5.5 (2018-11-16)

Show position and duration when playing songs

Fix text verses on songs

Remove mdpi assets

Minimum Android version is now 4.2

Use Firebase analytics instead of Google analytics (which is going to be shut down)

4.5.4 (2018-11-07)

Add a menu to give correction to AYT translation

4.5.3 (2018-09-26)

Fix download a version from URL

4.5.2 (2018-06-29)

Fix crash when updating widgets on Android 8.0 and up

4.5.1 (2018-06-28)

Target SDK is now set at 27 (Android 8.1)

Notifications have categories so you can modify them by yourself. There are currently four kinds of notifications: announcements, devotion downloader, translation downloader, and devotion reminder.

Copying or sharing a secondary-version verse will prepend the book name from that version instead of the primary version.

Removed city, church, and religion fields from sync user registration.

Changed official website from to

Removed "show hidden versions" from options.

Grouping of languages on list of translations.

Added Italian (it) and Turkish (tr) UI languages. Thanks to the translators.

Source code is updated for use with Android Studio 3.1.3.

4.5 (2018-02-21)

Uses internal download manager instead of the system one. The internal download manager is transient - does not support resuming and will stop if you terminate the app. This should fix the problem when system's download manager is not available like on Kindle Fire devices.

Fixed sharing Bible files

Update translations


Fix appearing shortcut to other apps when opening app in landscape

4.4.0 (2017-03-21)

No longer uses paragraph spacing for start of the paragraph, since it causes problems on many devices

Fix "up" button on the help page

Remove option to change UI text size (not ready)

Fix hang when setting or turning off devotion reminder

Add Vietnamese UI language

4.4 Beta 8 (2016-09-08)

Added a new feature to use super big text size for UI elements

Fix search results checked unintentionally when opening search results

Long book names do not cause the chapter number to hide on the verse reference button

Move "bible" folder for versions and fonts to private storage

Fix preloading devotions when switching devotion kind

Fix paragraph spacing in Android 7.0

4.4 Beta 7 (2016-08-31)

Fix history dialog not closing

Fix can't add label on bookmark dialog

Fix book selection on search

Fix widget light text color

Fix font preview images not shown

Fix crash when sending feedback

Fix short hang when processing downloaded version

4.4 Beta 6 (2016-08-19)

Fix detecting verse reference containing space between numbers without punctuations

Fix detecting verse reference not detecting "da" but "Da"

Long-press the Play button to play songs on a loop

Disabled sync set no longer makes other sync sets disabled

Fix per-version relative font size causing crash when app is opened from other app

Show progress bar when opening download pages e.g. reading plans

4.3.8 (2016-08-19)

Add Korean, Danish, Bulgarian UI languages

4.3.7 (2016-04-08)

Fixed crash when partial highlight start and end offsets are reversed

New devotionals: My Utmost For His Highest, Reforming Heart (Indonesian)

Add Thai UI language

4.3.6 (2016-02-29)

Disabled sync set no longer makes other sync sets disabled

4.3.5 (2016-02-26)

Hopeful fix that verse contents are no longer truncated

Fixed bug where there are gaps when text is made very small

Fixed line spacing bug in Android 6.0 when there is a paragraph spacing

Fixed restoring markers from old backup sometimes forgets to assign labels to certain bookmarks

Fixed version selector appearance in Android 6.0.1

4.4 Beta 5 (2016-01-28)

Copy/share primary/secondary/both versions

Able to set per-version relative font size by enabling Split and then opening Display

Close drawer after opening the pin list dialog

4.4 Beta 4 (2016-01-15)

Fixed restoring markers from old backup sometimes forgets to assign labels to certain bookmarks

Put × on grid navigation selected book/chapter to indicate that if you click on it, the selection will be cancelled

Support "ahead of schedule" on reading plans

Bookmark, note, pin, and map indicators change their size according to the text size

Clear version cache after updating a Bible version

Updating a Bible version no longer changes its ordering

Clear search history by selecting the last item on the search suggestion drop-down

Phrase search works across formatting tags and punctuations (blog)

Fixed detecting verse reference in notes that is followed by the word "the"

4.4 Beta 3 (2015-12-12)

Fixed bug where there are gaps when text is made very small

Fixed line spacing bug in Android 6.0 when there is a paragraph spacing

Fixed sync login always failed

Fixed version selector appearance in Android 6.0.1

Hopeful fix that verse contents are no longer truncated

4.4 Beta 2 (2015-12-04)

Private song books (marked in teal)

Searching non-ASCII Bible text now works properly

Zooming on songs will automatically reflow text

Fix preference screen UI on Android 4.0 partially

Migrate all preference screens to use the support library version

Revert: Top and bottom paddings no longer crop text on note editor

4.4 Beta 1 (2015-11-27)

Option to navigate without entering verse number

No longer auto-selects a verse when entering screen, just a brief lighting

New layout for dialer mode

Backspace on the dialer mode instead of clear all

New devotionals: My Utmost For His Highest, Reforming Heart (Indonesian)

Save split mode height/width proportions

The correct height of toolbar is used when rotating screen

Compatible with Android 6.0 full backup system

Auto-complete book name and try to understand chapter and verse in direct mode

No longer ask for importing old markers from different app package. Use "Import old markers" instead.

Compatible with Android 6.0 permission model

Fix scrolling reading plan description in the left drawer

Top and bottom paddings no longer crop text on note editor

Select and copy verses from search results page

4.3.4 (2015-11-27)

Fix crash when upgrading from app version 1.9.0 or older

Fix crash when user opens and closes the versions dialog when the current Bible version has been deleted

Fix crash when accessibility service calls an invalid position on the verse ListView

4.3.3 (2015-10-29)

Fix markers not loading on Android 4.1 and lower

4.3.2 (2015-10-26)

Fix crash when updating from app version 1

Less memory needed when syncing large amount of data

Update translations and internal versions

4.3.1 (2015-10-23)

Feature Guide Video (YouTube link)

Fix a crash when adding or removing markers and then going back to the marker list

Filtering markers by text is done instantly

Sorting in marker list is shown in submenu instead of a separate dialog box

4.3.0 (2015-09-30)

Fix can't open search results or any other verse links when opening app from widget

Add a beta tester link on the About screen

Recent verses from other devices are marked in teal

Export/view sync data from the web. Open to begin (blog)

4.3 Beta 3 (2015-08-25)

Support for extension apps: Create your own app that enrich user-selected verses! (docs)

Fix unresponsive pointer when dragging the verse floater

Fix memory leaks

4.3 Beta 2 (2015-08-17)

Integration with Bible Maps (blog)

Verse sharing pages support formatted verses (like poems or italics)

Option to put the verse navigation toolbar at the bottom of the screen

Fix blank space on navigation bar when full screen

Fix bug where left/right verse navigation buttons were very hard to tap

4.3 Beta 1 (2015-07-17)

Partial sync – helps successfully sync large amount of data (blog)

Option to disable tap to edit note, to prevent accidental editing of existing notes

Mark as read up to a specified date for a reading plan by long-pressing an item on the details

Move sync triggering each time the Bible screen is opened to when the app process is started up.

4.2.2 (2015-07-30) Bugfix release

Do not show Google Play Services install prompt on Kindle and BB10 devices

Fix bug where announcements could not be viewed

Fix bug where reading plan progress bar was not updated after changing start date

4.2.1 (2015-07-08) Bugfix release

Fix a critical bug where opening markers, share, font manager, and help screens caused crash

4.2.0 (2015-07-07)

Changing UI language from Settings immediately takes effect

Show a dropdown arrow on the heading of reading plan to indicate that it can be tapped

Check if dictionary is installed before activating auto lookup dictionary in settings

4.2 Beta 5 (2015-07-01)

Sync reading plan progress (blog)

Restart a reading plan from the beginning

Set starting date of a reading plan manually

"Progress marks" are now called "Pins" in English

On light background, scrollbars are now still visible (Android 5.0+)

4.2 Beta 4 (2015-06-24)

Sync progress marks (blog)

When dragging progress marks, the drawer will be closed immediately so you can see the verses clearly

Default selected verse background color is changed and no border is shown

No longer able to select alpha for selected verse background color

More localizations on the about screen

Fixes to partial highlight where the soft keyboard covers the OK button

4.2 Beta 3 (2015-06-22)

In night mode, the action bar and the split version handle are shown in dark (blog)

Fixes to settings screen, now uses entirely Material Design

Highlight a part of a verse instead of the whole verse (will revert to the whole if Bible version is changed) (blog)

On marker list, the time of last edit is displayed instead of the date if the edit occurs in the same day

4.2 Beta 2 (2015-06-17)

Current reading is shown on the Bible text screen after clicking one of the readings from the reading plan list

Option to change the background color of selected verses (blog)

When copying or sharing verses, a share URL will be created so you can share verses by link (disableable) (blog)

4.2 Beta 1 (2015-06-10)

Clicking on saved note on a certain position immediately edits the note at that position

Verse popup and reading plan now abbreviates references (Matthew 5:3–12 instead of Matthew 5:3-Matthew 5:12)

Delete one song book instead of all

When comparing versions, load data when scrolling, not immediately

When TalkBack reads verses, verse number is spoken correctly before the verse text

Speak the availability of bookmarks, notes, and progress markers on a verse when using TalkBack

4.1.1 (2015-05-25) Bugfix release

Fixed when showing songs from a list of many songs, app stops responding to almost all presses

Fixed search engine crash when cannot load a chapter when looking for a word by grepping

Fixed crash when updating app from versions before 1.9.0

4.1 (2015-05-22)

New style on suggest screen

Dictionary, Guide, and Commentary menus are disabled on Quick Bible, since all of them are in Indonesian

4.1 Beta 2 (2015-05-05)

Download additional songbooks via web page (blog)

More flexible system for Devotion

"Send correction" link is only effective if the song is less than 3-weeks old

New action bar icons for Dictionary, Guide, and Commentary

Links of long dictionary words can be clicked at the middle

Permanent icons for Dictionary, Guide, and Commentary on tablets

Show version name when copying/sharing verses (optional) (blog)

Settings for copying and sharing is separate

Option to keep dictionary words automatically looked up when selecting verses

4.1 Beta 1 (2015-04-30)

Integration with Dictionary app (blog)

Integration with Guide app (blog)

Integration with Commentary app (blog)

GET_ACCOUNTS permission is no longer needed

Fix transparent activity for verse popup dialog so that no weird fall-down animation is shown on Lollipop

Fix display of dropdown to change the song book

Put the 0 button on Songs keypad exactly below the 8 button

Backspace key on Songs keypad

Opening the verse text from within the app does not ask to open it with other app variant any more

Create and add custom reading plans (blog)

Update to Play Services 7.3.0 and Support Library 22.1.1

4.0.1 (2015-04-10) Bugfix release

Fix widget crash on Android < 5.0

4.0.0 (2015-04-09)


New application theme color (Material Blue Gray 700)

Do not use form encoding when uploading sync data, RAM for app is not enough

Overflow menu on action bars are always shown, not considering the hardware menu button

Add missing up button on the file chooser

Sync promotion on the Markers screen is removed if user already has Sync set up

Update Home screen widget preview image

Custom color theme selector now does not use the weird "..." button

DIALER navigation selection box now has an accent border color instead of filling the whole box

Default text appearance is now black on white

Workaround for text line spacing not applied on the last line on Lollipop

Reading Plan progress is refreshed automatically when re-opening the screen

Fix long-standing widget refresh problem where the verse reference and text do not match

Verse navigation screen now is a popup dialog on large screens

Note editor appearance follows the text appearance

4.0 Beta 16 (2015-03-18)

More popup dialogs are shown using Material Design theme

Semi-transparent Home screen widgets

Switches on the drawer now does not show text, just off-on switch

Option to set volume up/down button as page up/down

Fix wrong color of checkboxes on Reading Plan screen

"Create new label" is now on the top of the label list

Sort labels alphabetically

Remove "Cancel" or similar buttons on dialogs that does nothing, except confirmation dialogs

Fix syncing more than 2MB data (Android cursor window size has max of 2MB)

Made the fast scroller on Versions screen do not interfere with checkboxes

When copying/sharing a verse that has poem formatting, spaces were missing

4.0 Beta 15 (2015-03-13)

Announcement system: a weekly check is performed by the app to check messages from the server

Open the about screen to check announcements manually

Split version (2 Bible versions shown at once) works horizontally (left and right)

On small screens (< 320dp) the left and right navigation buttons are made narrower

Caching in RAM of Bible versions to make faster repeated Compare operations

Bring back crash reporter: unexpected crashes will be immediately sent to server for inspection

Keep screen on setting is applied to Songs screen as well

Some popup dialogs are now Material Design-themed even on Android < 5.0

4.0 Beta 14 (2015-02-04)

Fix marker migration fatal bugs

Search text box is automatically focused when the screen is opened

Show book name, chapter, and number of verses selected when selecting verse(s)

Max label caption length increased from 24 to 48 characters

4.0 Beta 13 (2015-01-28)

Ask to migrate markers from v3 (yuku.alkitab and yuku.alkitab.kjv) on v4 of the new app (

4.0 Beta 12 (2015-01-23)

Quick Bible is now published by SABDA, because Yuku is unable to publish it

Change many icons to match the Material Design style

Change label appearance

You can update a song book without deleting it first, because now there are tens of changes every week

Fix GRID navigation not showing the correct number of items per row

Revamp of Reading Plan screen appearance

Change search hint from "lord god" to "city of david"

Implement loading song indeterminate progress bar because the new appcompat library does not support it

Make sure old recent verses are imported

Automatically switch to DOWNLOADED tab when opening pdb/yes file

Fix bug label color could not be white #ffffff

No more provider conflict between Alkitab, Quick Bible and other variants. You can install all on one device

Integrate devotion reminder (was a separate app)

Dialog boxes now say the verb (e.g. Delete) instead of just Ok or Cancel

Able to selectively disable and enable devotions from build config (e.g. Quick Bible should not have RH)

4.0 Beta 11 (2014-12-11)

Material Design. Holo design is now switched to Material Design, following style of Android Lollipop.

Smaller apk because of Play Services library split

Sync recent verses, useful if you have multiple devices

Upgrade Google Analytics to v4

Text appearance panel now does not use the whole screen width (looked weird on big screens)

Fix full screen mode on Android 4.4

4.0 Beta 10 (2014-12-06)

Sync: remotely synchronize bookmarks, notes, highlights, and labels and across devices.

Margin of text from the side of the screen can be enabled or disabled from settings

On GRID navigation mode, chapters and verses are now shown in multiples of 5 or 10.

Full screen mode now works better, and clicking on verses does not cause the whole screen to shift down.

4.0 Beta 9 (2014-09-27)

Rearrange Bible versions by dragging

View the list of progress markers

Notes are now displayed and edited in full screen

Create links in notes by writing verse references e.g. (Gen 3:1 or Genesis 3:1-5)

Automatically detect installed Bible versions that were carried over from version 3

Moving between Bible, Songs, Devotion, and Reading Plan does not make activities stack too high

Link to send corrections on Songs and some devotions

Add yes file from Internet URL directly without using a separate downloader

4.0 Beta 8 (2014-08-14)

(since v3, just an overview)

New UI theme

Dark theme for your eyes' comfort

Navigation drawer (pull from the left), no more extra-long menus

Narrower text on large screens


Swipe left/right to change chapters

Two-finger up/down to enable/disable full screen mode

Two-finger left/right to quickly scroll through chapters

Pinch to zoom

Multiple bookmarks/notes and multiple verses

Add multiple bookmarks/notes on a verse

Assign a bookmark/note to multiple consecutive verses


Tap on a progress icon on the left drawer to jump directly

Long-press and drag progress icon from the left drawer to stick it to a verse


Background download of new versions

Version list can be updated without app update

Online updates on available versions


Change Bible version to be searched directly from Search screen

Select book categories to be searched (Pentateuch, Gospels, etc.)

History of recent searches