KRI 321 Meekness and Majesty
Graham Kendrick
1=C 3/4
Versi Version 1
Meekness and majesty, Manhood and Deity,
in perfect harmony, the man who is God.
Lord of eternity dwells in humanity,
Kneels in humility, and washes our feet.
Oh what a mystery, meekness and majesty.
Bow down and worship, for this is your God.
Father's pure radiance, perfect in innocence,
yet learns obedience to death on the cross.
Suff'ring to give us life, conqu'ring through sacrifice,
and as they crucify prays, "Father, forgive."
Wisdom unsearchable, God the invisible,
love indestructible in frailty appears.
Lord of infinity stooping so tenderly,
lifts our humanity to the heights of His throne.

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