Bible for Android is open-source, allowing you complete freedom in modifying it to fit your needs. In addition, it also allows you to integrate external content and applications through its flexible design.

Other Bible Versions

Custom Bible Versions can be added to the app by following the instructions here to create a YET file. Supported features include paragraphing, four-level indentations for poems, footnotes, cross-referencing, pericope titles, parallel verses, color-coded Words of Jesus and italics. If a custom version is able to be freely distributed, please send it to us so we can include it in our public list of Bible Versions

Opening Verses from external apps

Your apps can request for the Bible for Android app to display Bible Verses in a popup window or even in a new screen. The documentation for this feature is available here.. If you have a Bible-related app, you can display text from the Bible without having to include it in your app.


Please send us song books/hymnals that you use regularly in your church! Create a file using the format described here, and we will endeavor to include it in our app.

Reading Plans

In addition to the provided reading plans, you can also follow the instructions here to create an RPA file and upload it for all to use. If you would like to modify/delete an existing reading plan, please email us!

Alkitab/Quick Bible extension

Your app can be called from within Alkitab / Quick Bible when the user selects a verse or multiple verses. This is supported since Alkitab / Quick Bible version 4.3. See the documentation.

Final Notes

We realize that this documentation may be lacking in certain areas. If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us through email at